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Item Instrument Type Description Audio Bundle
Olympia Kontakt 3.1+ Single Evolving glassy chord Droomusic - Chord Bundle
PacificWind Kontakt 3.1+ Single Dreamy chord evocative of Pacific Islands Droomusic - Chord Bundle
PacificWindALT Kontakt 3.1+ Single Time stretched variation Droomusic - Chord Bundle
PacificWindST Kontakt 3.1+ Single Stereo sample variation Droomusic - Chord Bundle
Pakistani Tambourine Kontakt 3.1+ Single Large frame drum with metal rattles on the sides. Droomusic - Struck Bundle
Pan Droo Kontakt 3.1+ Single Conventional multisampled panflute Droomusic - Blown Instruments Bundle
Pan Gargle Kontakt 3.1+ Single Panflute played with a glottal effect. Droomusic - Blown Instruments Bundle
Pan Mysterioso Kontakt 3.1+ Single That "ancient temple in South America'" vibe. Spooky. Droomusic - Blown Instruments Bundle
Panflute FX Kontakt 3.1+ Single Overblown, affected and effected Panflute. Droomusic - Blown Instruments Bundle
PanPan Kontakt 3.1+ Single Stereo sample of panflute going back and forth. Droomusic - Pads Bundle

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