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Item Instrument Type Description Audio Bundle
China Balls Kontakt 3.1+ Double These are spun around in the palms of your hands to make a relaxing meditative noise. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Finger Snap Kontakt 3.1+ Double Finger snap in a very reverberant church in southern France. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Fun Factory Kontakt 3.1+ Double Blend of found percussive and steam powered noises. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
MusicBoxZing Kontakt 3.1+ Double Music box gliss. Magical sounding. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
PenTubeTrem Kontakt 3.1+ Double Large cardboard tube, contact mike, drawing on the side with a pen. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
RadioVox Kontakt 3.1+ Double My dad's Ham Radio set to badly demodulate voices. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Airy Metal Tubes Kontakt 3.1+ Single Long evolving airy ambient processed duster can in a cardboard tube. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Airy Tube Layer Kontakt 3.1+ Single Panflute played through resonating cardboard tube. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Balloon Vox Kontakt 3.1+ Single Granulated processing of a balloon being slowly deflated. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Banjo Bow Trem Kontakt 3.1+ Single Bowed banjo tremolo. Droomusic - Pads Bundle

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