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Item Instrument Type Description Audio Bundle
Drainbarrel Kontakt 3.1+ Single Processed sound of water dripping into a rainbarrel. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Drainpad Kontakt 3.1+ Single Processed water running down the drain of a bathtub. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
DrainRez Kontakt 3.1+ Single Resonant processed water running down the drain of a bathtub. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Drone Electro Kontakt 3.1+ Single Metasynth deep flanging pad. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
DSP GooeyPad Kontakt 3.1+ Single Heavily processed water noises turned into a synthetic pad. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
F+B Bamboo Kontakt 3.1+ Single Forwards and backwards bamboo windchimes. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Fireplace Rain Kontakt 3.1+ Single Rain resonating down zero clearance fireplace chimney Droomusic - Pads Bundle
FizzRez Kontakt 3.1+ Single Fizzing soda processed to resonate musically. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Flaming Bots Kontakt 3.1+ Single Large water bottles recorded in a long tunnel They were filled with a small amount of alcohol which was then set on fire. See also Bottle Flare. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Flangemuzik Kontakt 3.1+ Single Turbosynth processed metal noises Droomusic - Pads Bundle

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