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Item Instrument Type Description Audio Bundle
Darbuka Egypt Kontakt 3.1+ Single Egyptian clay darbuka (North African Drum) with beautiful inlays. Droomusic - Struck Bundle
Darbuka Green Kontakt 3.1+ Single Green clay darbuka (North African Drum) Droomusic - Struck Bundle
DeepestSpace Kontakt 3.1+ Single The farther out in space, the more it sounds like this. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Del Rio Sax Kontakt 3.1+ Single Small and portable PVC Sax with a surprisingly romantic tone. Droomusic - Blown Instruments Bundle
Djeme Droo Kontakt 3.1+ Single African Djembe drum. Droomusic - Struck Bundle
Drainbarrel Kontakt 3.1+ Single Processed sound of water dripping into a rainbarrel. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Drainpad Kontakt 3.1+ Single Processed water running down the drain of a bathtub. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
DrainRez Kontakt 3.1+ Single Resonant processed water running down the drain of a bathtub. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Drone Electro Kontakt 3.1+ Single Metasynth deep flanging pad. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Drooharmonica Kontakt 3.1+ Single Expressive sounding multi sampled harmonica. Droomusic - Blown Instruments Bundle

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