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Item Instrument Type Description Audio Bundle
Guzhen Vibrato Kontakt 3.1+ Single Chinese Zither multisample, each note played with a small amount of natural vibrato to make it more expressive. Droomusic - Plucked Bundle
Harmonic Drone Kontakt 3.1+ Single Metasynth evolving pad Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Harmonic Drone ALT Kontakt 3.1+ Single Metasynth evolving pad with formant shifting Droomusic - Pads Bundle
HarmoShaku Kontakt 3.1+ Single PVC Shakuhachi overblown, processed. Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Heaven Kontakt 3.1+ Single Hugely layered constantly shifting sound Droomusic - Chord Bundle
HeavenST Kontakt 3.1+ Single stereo version of heaven, wild panning Droomusic - Chord Bundle
Heavy Metal Kontakt 3.1+ Single Struck metal doors from a large studio rack. Droomusic - Struck Bundle
HMX Drone Bass Kontakt 3.1+ Single Deep harmonic sweeps Droomusic - Pads Bundle
Horrid Kontakt 3.1+ Single Processed electrical, insect zapper, and ham radio noises. Ugly but fun! Droomusic - Pads Bundle
HoseTrpVox Kontakt 3.1+ Single Air blown through a dryer gas feed hose, processed. Droomusic - Pads Bundle

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