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Album Cover
Eye Spy: Declassified
Drew Neumann
Eye Spy: Declassified, Freedom Of Information Act is the long awaited re-release of the classic 1997 album by Drew Neumann.

All new, full-length high resolution 320k MP3s from the 24 bit masters (audio samples below). Includes images of the original CD artwork.

Bonus: Volume 3 contains unreleased material, and is exclusive to the album.

Special bonus: A full-sized, high resolution, unedited copy of the original and intended cover art by Peter Chung.

For Drew Neumann's personal comments and details...
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Album Cover
Spacey Ambience
Drew Neumann
This is futuristic ambient soundscape music suitable for Science Fiction/Fantasy tabletop role-playing games. It is designed not to get in the way of dialogue at the table, but it probably should be played at a low level just to provide atmosphere.

Think of it as the kind of sound you'd hear while waiting in line for famous space rides at theme parks, and you have the idea.

It is a constantly shifting bed of textures and moods that lasts more than a half hour so you can turn it on and leave it running and focus on the important stuff, like running the game!

This was done in Digital Performer using Serge, Modcan, MOTM, and other modular synthesizers, a DSI Rev2 polyphonic synthesizer, Iris, and Metasynth. Acoustic field recordings are also blended in so it isn't completely lost in space.

Album Cover
Industrium Post Mortem
Drew Neumann

Industrium Post Mortem: China - The Deconstructed Sounds Of Karen Han was a compilation CD of several artists released by Tone Casualties in 1996. It was an experiment of sorts; give each artist a selection of Karen's wonderful singing and Er-Hu playing, and let them mangle it with whatever toys they had in their studios.

These three cues were Drew Neumann's contribution to that album, using Vocoders, synthesizers, and various digital signal processing programs to create new music inspired by traditional Chinese melodies and language.
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Due to excessive E-Commerce and Paypal charges, we regret that can no longer support individual song purchases.
You can still hear pieces below.
 Aliens In The Amazon Free bonus track download. 3:13 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
 Bad Monkeys Free bonus track download. 1:03 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
 Carol Of The Bells Free bonus track download. 1:14 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
 Sea Witch vs. Aliens Free bonus track download. 3:11 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
 Serge Modcan JAM Mix Free bonus track download. 4:17 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
 Zombies vs. Aliens Free bonus track download. 1:47 FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
 Intro EyeSpy Vol 1 0:36 Album Only
 Ultimate AF EyeSpy Vol 1 2:15 Album Only
 Train Station EyeSpy Vol 1 3:08 Album Only
 Monican Jam EyeSpy Vol 1 1:16 Album Only
 The Torturer EyeSpy Vol 1 1:06 Album Only
 Train Cars EyeSpy Vol 1 2:30 Album Only
 Breen Lounge Lizard EyeSpy Vol 1 0:40 Album Only
 Computera EyeSpy Vol 1 2:20 Album Only
 Heroes (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 1 4:39 Album Only
 Marche EyeSpy Vol 1 3:12 Album Only
 Errors Of The Night EyeSpy Vol 1 3:47 Album Only
 Gravity EyeSpy Vol 1 2:57 Album Only
 Alien Leisure EyeSpy Vol 1 2:58 Album Only
 Dark Prison EyeSpy Vol 1 3:14 Album Only
 Phobia Suite (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 1 16:23 Album Only
 Dictator's Office EyeSpy Vol 1 1:11 Album Only
 Demigods EyeSpy Vol 1 15:54 Album Only
 Wind Tunnel EyeSpy Vol 1 1:12 Album Only
 Memory Lapse (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 1 15:00 Album Only
 Choice EyeSpy Vol 2 12:45 Album Only
 Clones EyeSpy Vol 2 13:50 Album Only
 Paradise (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 2 15:19 Album Only
 Tragedy Of Flight (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 2 14:04 Album Only
 Underwater Suite (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 2 13:23 Album Only
 Time Pretzel Paradox (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 2 14:13 Album Only
 Closure EyeSpy Vol 2 0:36 Album Only
 Declassified EyeSpy Vol 3 0:21 Album Only
 Chronos Multiverse (extended version) EyeSpy Vol 3 11:13 Album Only
 Beautiful Animation EyeSpy Vol 3 1:04 Album Only
 First Episode 1991 EyeSpy Vol 3 1:55 Album Only
 Breen National Anthem EyeSpy Vol 3 0:19 Album Only
 Fluxy Bolero EyeSpy Vol 3 2:17 Album Only
 Loaded EyeSpy Vol 3 0:35 Album Only
 Rooms Of Blood EyeSpy Vol 3 2:04 Album Only
 Elevator Episode EyeSpy Vol 3 2:09 Album Only
 Freedom Of Outro EyeSpy Vol 3 0:55 Album Only
 Long Time Iguana Industrium Post Mortem 2:05 Album Only
 Siren Of Sanchi Industrium Post Mortem 1:49 Album Only
 Short Walk Long March Industrium Post Mortem 2:10 Album Only

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