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  The Bob Moog Memorial   Foundation An organization honoring where and with whom it all started. Click the link and go show some respect. http://moogfoundation.org/  
  Drew Neumann Composer and Sound Designer. http://www.drewneumann.com  
  Kevin Lamb Sound Design, Composition, Engineering and Production. http://www.premeditatedmusic.com  

  Arturia Makers of some of the very finest synthesizers on the planet. If you don't own an Origin, you should. Check out their benchmark range of classic analog synth plug-ins. http://www.arturia.com  
  Dave Smith Instruments The Prophet 5? MIDI? Thank Dave for those. A lot. His new stuff is analog, affordable, and completely excellent. 'Nuff said. http://www.davesmithinstruments.com/  
  Logic It's Apple's DAW, and it comes packed with some of the better plug-in instruments and FX around, period. http://www.apple.com  
  Moog Music If you need to be told about Moog you're at the wrong website. It's all classic analog. Click the link. It's the law. http://www.moogmusic.com  
  Native Instruments Cutting edge software instruments with hardware controllers, such as Kore and Maschine. Kontakt is arguably the most powerful sampler ever made.
Go to NI for a free Kontakt Player.
  Redmatica Makers of the excellent EXS24 editing add-on to Logic, KeyMap. Essential stuff for Logic owners. http://www.redmatica.com  
  Spectrasonics Must have plug-ins for film composers. Expensive sounding products. http://www.spectrasonics.net  
  Tom Oberheim The name speaks for itself. Tom made the first digital sequencer and the first poly synth. He's just released a new version of his highly sought after SEM. http://www.tomoberheim.com/  
  U&I Software MetaSynth 5 from U&I Software is an award-winning sound design and electronic music composition environment created by Eric Wenger. http://www.uisoftware.com/MetaSynth  


  Analogue Systems Wide variety of controllers and modules in Euro Format including clones of EMS circuits. http://www.analoguesystems.co.uk/  
  Blacet Very flexible and affordable Frac Rack format modules available assembled or as kits. http://www.blacet.com/  
  Bridechamber Excellent source of DIY Kits, parts, and assembled modules from a variety of designers. http://www.bridechamber.com/  
  Cyndustries Unique modules in a wide variety of formats. http://www.cyndustries.com/  
  Doepfer A large variety of affordable compact Euro format modules and controllers. http://www.doepfer.com/  
  Encore Electronics MIDI to CV, MOTM and Frac compatible modules, controllers and retrofits for vintage synthesizers. http://www.encoreelectronics.com/  
  Juergen Haible Supplies circuit boards that are clones of vintage synths and effects to builders. http://www.jhaible.de/  
  Macbeth Studio Systems Ken Macbeth's line of excellent sounding high end synthesizers and modules. http://www.macbethstudiosystems.com/  
  Magic Smoke Electronics Circuit boards for builders, including the Swiss Army Knife Mankato Filter. http://www.magsmoke.com  
  Mattson Mini Modular Offers a very compact modular system, also assembled boards for use in other formats. http://mattsonminimodular.com/  
  ModCan Excellent high end modular systems in 2 formats with a wide range of modules. http://www.modcan.com/  
  Music From Outer Space Excellent, affordable kits - my son built the 'Weird Sound Generator' when he was eleven. http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/  
  Oakley Sound Systems Suppliers of high quality ready made and self build analogue synthesiser projects. http://www.oakleysound.com/  
  PAIA Electronics Low cost, high quality, user assembled kits for innovative electronic products. http://www.paia.com/  
  Serge Modular Systems/Sound Transform Systems exotic ultra high end modular systems. http://www.serge-fans.com/  
  STG Soundlabs MU and Frac compatible modules and accessories. http://www.stgsoundlabs.com/  
  Synthesis Technology The MOTM system with a variety of high quality modules in 2 formats. http://www.synthtech.com/  
  Wiard Exotic and unique multifunction modular systems. http://www.wiard.com/  

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